Delegate (DELL uh gate) is a verb that means to task someone with a responsibility or to make someone your representative. The verb delegate is also derived from the Latin word delegare . Related words are delgates, delegated, delegating, delegation.


[intransitive, transitive] to give part of your work, power or authority to somebody in a lower position than you Some managers find it difficult to delegate. delegate (something) (to somebody) The job had to be delegated to an assistant.

The following example declares a delegate named Del that can encapsulate a method that takes a string 2021-04-20 ‘As a conference delegate representing the region, she has already successfully moved several resolutions.’ ‘He is our delegate, elected to represent our wishes to the best of his ability.’ ‘He was elected by conference delegates with 252 votes compared to 154 for the alternative candidate.’ 5. Delegates are used any time you use events - that's the mechanism by which they work. In addition, delegates are very useful for things such as using LINQ queries. For example, many LINQ queries take a delegate (often Func) which can be used for filtering. Example sentence - I would prefer to delegate the tasks to others as needed. Can you use the word delegate in a sentence?

Delegate usage in sentence

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A delegate is a form of type-safe function pointer used by the .NET Framework. Delegates specify a method to call and optionally an object to call the method on. They are used, among other things, to implement callbacks and event listeners. Here I am going to explain delegates, multicast delegates and their usage..

In this part we will create an employee class which form the basis for using delegates.Text version of the video

He was a delegate to the party's 1936 convention. 2. Fisher told delegates at an AFL-CIO convention in January.

I read a sentence. + I write a sentence. ("Agreement") sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the website You may not assign, resell, sub-license or otherwise transfer or delegate any of your rights or 

Delegate usage in sentence

Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Delegate meaning and usage. Sentence Examples for delegation. The manager decided to meet the Union delegation.

4. Delegate the objective, not the procedure. 5. The Delegate signature must match the signature of the function you want to call through the Delegate.
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Delegate usage in sentence

Nations”   Why couldn't you just directly call a method on an object instead of using a delegate? Without Delegates. Let's see what directly calling methods on objects looks  Find all the synonyms and alternative words for delegate at, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on   Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Definition for the Tagalog word hirangin: hir a ngin [verb] to   Jan 21, 2020 Delegating is an important aspect of time management.

Definition of Delegate. to give tasks or responsibilities to others.
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-rw-r--r--, examples/phrasebook/, 14 To test the GF web services, the minibar and the grammar editor, use. "cabal install" (or "runhaskell Setup.hs install") to +sent(s_022_1_p, eng, 'no delegate finished the report on time').

The manager decided to meet the Union delegation. How to use delegation in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of delegation. "Delegator" is a word, but I suspect that it is exceedingly obscure legal jargon.

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of the Group CEO's general authorization, the Board of Directors may delegate may also be used as settlement in acquisitions and to improve the expired; see section 5-11, second sentence of the Norwegian Public 

verb noun ˈdɛlɪɡət. Delegate definition, a person designated to act for or represent another or others; deputy;  You can delegate methods in Ruby using multiple techniques! Including the Forwadable module, the SimpleDelegator class & Rails delegate method.

at the recent UXlibs II conference, other delegates who did not attend my talk have very kindly *Now there's a sentence I never thought, etc, etc. a larger study on our library space usage with a mixed methods approach.

Horton's Achilles heel was that he could not delegate. 2. He plans to delegate more authority to his deputies.

to give tasks or responsibilities to others. Examples of Delegate in a sentence. Because Janice cannot do all of the tasks, she has to learn to delegate work to her employees. 🔊. The manager will delegate many of his duties to the new assistant manager. 🔊 Delegate in a sentence 1.